2022 Early Career Workshop
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IGCS Early Career Workshop

Held on September 30, 2022 at IGCS 2022 Annual Global Meeting in New York City

Duration approximately 3.5 hours 

Workshop Highlights

  • Editors of several prominent scientific journals in our field provided advice and discussed the importance of publishing and conducting research.
  • We discussed common challenges that gynecologic oncology professionals face early in their careers and solutions that can be implemented in both professional and personal lives.
  • IGCS Early Career Research & Publications Network members gave oral presentations of abstracts

Presentation Topic


Opening Session

Rhonda Farrell (Australia)

Let’s Hear from the Gynecologic Oncology Editors of:

Rhonda Farrell (Australia)

  • Obstetrics & Gynecology

Jason Wright (USA)

  • American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Larry Copeland (USA)

  • Gynecologic Oncology and Gynecologic Oncology Reports

Susan Modesitt (USA)

  • International Journal of Gynecological Cancer

Pedro Ramirez (USA)

Oral Presentations of Abstracts  

Florencia Noll (Argentina)

  1. Marzina Faruq (Bangladesh)*
  1. Anisa Mburu (Kenya)
  1. Upasana Palo (India)*

Challenges in Gynecologic Oncology for Early Career Professionals

Georgia Fontes Cintra (Brazil)

  • Finding Work-Life Balance for Young Gynecologic Oncologists

Juliana Rodríguez (Colombia)

  • Challenges for Young Gynecologists in LMICs and How to Handle Them

Anisa Mburu (Kenya)

  • Incorporating Research Into Your Practice

Michael Steller (USA)

Oral Presentations of Abstracts


Geetu Bhandoria (India)
Florencia Noll (Argentina)

  1. Emmanuel Adekunle Sajo (Nigeria)
  1. Bethel Gulelat (Ethiopia)
  1. Monica Thiyagarajan (India)
  1. Vinotha Thomas (India)

IJGC Fellowship Program: How It’s Going

Pedro Ramirez (USA)
Arthur Hsu (Taiwan)

Wrap Up

Rhonda Farrell (Australia)

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