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Evidence Based Medicine
Andre Lopes didactic
Breaking Bad News_Michael Pearl_Mar 2022
Brain Metastases from Gynecologic Malignancies PDF
The Genesis of Modern Utering Cancer Treatment
Research Meeting 8.10.2023
Clinical Evaluatin of Breast Findings
Management of Gestational Trophoblastic Disease (Nepal ECHO pdf)
Systematic reviews and Metanalysis presentation
Serous Tumours of the Ovary
HPV Epidemiology:Updates pdf
Vulvar Melanoma presentation
Management of Cervical Cancer < 2 cm
Management of Cervical Cancer < 2cm pdf
High Risk GTN
Introduction to Interstitial Brachytherapy. Role in Vulvo-Vaginal Malignancy
Fertility Sparing Treatment in Ovarian Cancer PDF slides
Understanding Uterine Sarcomas
Cancer Prevention
Granuloa Cell Tumor and MEMAGO ECHO
Dietary Interventions in Endometrial Cancer Treatment
Radiotherapy in Endometrial Cancer and Critiques of FIGO 2023
Radiotherapy in Endometrial Cancer
Adjuvant Therapy in Uterine Sarcoma
Answerable Clinical Questions
Breaking Bad News
Gerogia Cintra talk in Portuguese_6.17.22
Fertility Sparing Treatment for Endometrial Cancer/Hyperplasia with Atypia
Research Meeting 7.19.2023
Systemic therapies in management of small cell Neuroendocrine Carcinoma Cervix_Ramila Shilpakar
Update on the Pathology of Vulvar Squamous Neoplasia
Vulvar Melanoma
Gestational Trophoblastic Neoplasia Nov 2023
Introduction to Interstitial Brachytherapy. Role in Vulvo-Vaginal Malignancy
Russian translation Fertility Sparing Treatment in Ovarian Cancer PDF slides
Fertility Preservation before cancer treatment
Neo-adjuvant Chemotherapy in Malignant Ovarian Germ Cell Tumors
The Role of Nurses and midwives in Cervical Cancer Prevention
Cervical Cancer- Associated Suffering and the Palliative Care Needed to Relieve it
Adjuvant Radiotherapy for Endometrial Cancer
Disparities and Inequities of Palliative Care
Uterine Sarcoma
A Rare Case of Metastatic Mullerian Adenosarcoma
Literature Search
Research Methods in Health
Alternatives to the standard when brachetherapy not available_ Anuja Jhingran April 2020
Tratamento do cancer de colo incial_Georgia Cintra_Feb 2022
Update on the Pathology of Vulvar Squamous Neoplasia
Treatment for precancer: consideration for using ablation or excision
Management of Gestational Trophoblastic Disease (Nepal ECHO)
Preinvasive talk from Vietnam
Fertility Sparing Treatment in Ovarian Cancer
Gestational Trophoblatic Diesease
Cancer de Endometrio Cancer (Portuguese)
ConCerv: A Prospective Trial of Conservative Surgery for Low-Risk Early-Stage Cervical Cancer
Adjuvant Therapy for High Risk Endometrial Cancer
Evidence Based End of Life Care - Part 1
Radiation Therapy in Vulva Cancer
Cytoreductive Surgery and Research in Ovarian Cancer
Epidemiological statistics 1
Sexual Dysfunction and Cancer
Research Meeting 4.20.2023 with Dr. Steller and Dr. Asima
Chemotherapy Response Score_Pathologist perspecitive_Angela Ralte_June 2021_ India
Image Guided Adaptive Brachytherapy for Cervical Cancer_Wendy Chan_June 2022
Grade lesions
How to write a manuscript
Adjuvant Therapy in Ealy Stage Endometrial Cancer
ConCerv Trial: Conservative Management of Early Cervical Cancer
basics of brca and brca like genes Dr. Sophia George
Gestational Trophoblastic Neoplasia Didactic and Reaction to Cases
Evidence Based EOL Care Part 2
Surgical Managment of Vulvar Cancer
Statistic epidemiology fundamentals 2
Emerging Developments and New Concepts in Gynaecological Pathology_ Gustavo Focchi_ April 2020
Radiation Therapy in Vulva Cancer_Ming Yin Lin_Nov 2021
Does Secondary Suregery for Recurrene of Ovarian cancer Add Survival Benefit
HPV Epidemiology:Updates
FIGO Cervical Cancer Staging
Endometriosis and Ovarian Cancer
Adjuvant Treatment for Endometrial Cancer-Current Practice and Molecular Classificationn - Part 1
brca mutations of the Gynecological Oncologists Jillian O, Donnell
Palliative Care in Resource Limited Country
Vulva Cancer (Portguese)
Publishing in Scientific Journals Advice from Editor in Chief Pedro Ramirez_Jan 2021.mp4 C
Endocervical Adenocarcinoma Updates_Anna Plotkin_Belarus_Feb 2021
FIGO staging for cerrvix Cancer Dr Jhingran
Gestational Trophoblastic Neoplasia
Statistic Epidemiology Fundamentals 3
Genetic Counciling and Heriditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer Syndrome
Indications and contraindictions for radiation therapy for advanced LACC, when a tumor grows in the bladder or rectum. Is Bleeding a contraindication for radiation therapy?
Adjuvant Treatment for Endometrial Cancer-Current Practice and Molecular classificationn - Part 2
Introduction to Pathology of Gestational Trophoblastic Disease/Neoplasia (GTD)
lLaproscopic Pelvic and Aortic Node Dissection_Peter Lim April 2021.mp4o
Updates in the Treatment of Vaginal Cancer
Sample Size
Palliative Care
Histologic groups and patters of failure in endometrial cancer_ Kailash Narayan_May 2022
Research and Publication Report_Dr Asima Mukhopadhyay
Endometrial Cancer
Innovative Technologies for Cervical Cancer Prevention & Treatment
Malignant Tumors of Intermediate Trophoblastt: PSTTand ETT
Cancer with Pregnancy_Jitendra June_2022.mp4
Management of Rectovaginal Fistula
Controlled clinical trials
Histologic Prognostic groups in intermediate and high risk Endometrial Cancer_ Kailash Narayan June 2020_ Nepal
Granulosa cell tumors of the Ovary
Palliative issues in cancer patients_Ramila Shilpakar_Aug 2021
Research Meeting 9.14.23
Key Issues in Cervial Cancer Prevention and Control
Integrating PARPI Therapy into the Treatment of Ovarian Cancer_
Surveillance for Survivorship care in Gynecological Oncology
Management of Gestational Trophoblastic Disease
Changing Practice_Post-treatment cancer survelliance_Ritu Salani_March 2022.mp4
Observationtal Studies
Role of Pathologist in Gynae Onc MDT_ Alison Finall May 2022
Management of Rectovaginal Fistusa_RVF_Baburam Dixit Thapma_Nepal May 2022
Endometrial Cancer Case
Key Questions in Cervical Cancer-CCRN
Recurrent GTN
Decreasing incidence of lower limb lymphoedema_Nevill Hacker Feb 2022.mp4
Management of Recurrent Epithelial Ovarian Cancer
Integration of Molecular Classification into Managment of Patients with Endometrial Carcinoma
Supportive Palliative Care for the Woman with Cancer_Michael Pearl
Neville Hacker brief overview of vulvar cancer
Practical Cervical Cytopathology
Systematic Reviews and Metanalysis
Locally Advanced Cervical Cancer
ERAS_Key Concepst in Gynecologic Oncology_Gregg Nelson_ June 2022.mp4
Metastatic Tumors to the Ovary
Qualitative Research
MELF in Endometrial Carcinoma
Radiation Therapy in Vulva Cancer_Ming Yin Lin_Nov 2021
Management of Cervical Cancer and Toxicity
ERAS enhanded recovery after surgery _ Limor Helpman March 2020 Belarus ECHO.mp4
Minimally Invasive Surgery in Ovarian Cancer
Pragmatic Trials
Vulvar Reconstruction_Yemi Ogunleye_didactic Vietnam April 2022
The Role of Sentinel Node Biobsy in Surgical Staging of Endometrial Carcinoma
Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy in Endometrial Cancer and its Value to Patients
Fertility issues and its preservatrion in Gynecologic Cancers_Ka Ya Tse_Nepal Jan 2021.mp4
Mucinous Ovarian Carcinoma
Modern Radiotherapy Techniques for the Treatment of Cervical Cancer
How to get a Manuscript Published
Postoperative Management of Cervical Cancer
Sentinel Lymph Node Technique for Endometrial Cancer
Gyn Malignancies_Parp Inhibitors_John Chan Vietnam Feb 2022.mp4
Ovarian Masses_RMI or Simple Rules and How to Stage Them
Editorial Metrics
Updates in Endometrial Carcinoma Classification
Highlights of IGCS 2021 Annual Meeting_Wesley Burkett_Nov 2021.mp4
Practical Management of Ovarian Tumors in Children
Editorial Process
Primary HPV for Cervical Cancer Screening
Radical Hysterctomy for Cervical Cancer
HRT in Gyn Cancers_Joyce Varughese_Oct 2021.mp4
Primary vs Interval Debulking for Advanced Ovarian Cancer
Radiotherapy for Cervical Cancer
Importance of Evidenced-Based Decision Making in Daily Practice_Dr Fujiwara_Mar 2021_Vietnam.mp4
Quality Indicators and Training for Cytoreductive Surgery
Radiotherapy in Cervical Cancer
Tuberculosis and Ovarian Cancers_Dilemmas in Management
Parametrial dissection in rad hyst_surgical QA and CERVENTES study_David Cibula_Dec 2021.mp4
Role of Minimally Invasive Surgery in Ovarian Cancer
Systemic Therapies in Management of Carcinoma Cervix
Surgical Staging for Gynecologic Cancer: Indications, Technique and Management of Complications
Updates to the Treatment of Recurrent Metastatic Cervical Cancer
Secondary Cytoreduction in Ovarian Cancer
Laparoscopic management of haemorrhage_Tae Joong Kim_Xhenzhen - DO NOT USE
Surgery for Ovarian Cancer
NCCN Guidelines _Wui-Jin_ Koh Uganda ECHO May 2020
How to Eliminate Cervical Caner in LMIC by 2030
Tuberculosis and Ovarian Cancers_Dilemmas in Management_Anitha Thomas_April 2022
Principle of Sentinal Lymph Node Biopsy_Pearl Tong March 2020 Vietnam ECHO
Recent Cervical Cancer Trials
Quality indicators and training for cytoreductive surgery_Asima_MAR 2022
Immunotherapy in Ovarian Cancers - What have we leart so far?
Role of Sentinel node Biobsy in Surgical Staging of Endometrial Carcinoma_Quynh Tran
Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy for Newly Diagnosed Advanced Ovarian Cancer: Society of Gynecologic Oncology and ASCO Clinical Practice Guideline Summary
Sentinal mapping in Gynecolgical Cancers_Linus Chuang Dec 2021
Ovarian Cancer didactic
What defines rad hyst_David Cibula_Jan 2022
Cancer Immunotherapy
Brain Metastases from Gynecologic Malignancies
Genetic testing and counselling in gynecological malignancies
Genetic testing in LMIC's
Artificial Intelligence in Gynecologic Oncology
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