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In The Know
A monthly compilation of abstracts prepared by Ed Pavlik, PhD.

In the Know (Ed’s List)
 is prepared by Edward Pavlik, PhD, Professor and Director of Ovarian Screening Research Program, University of Kentucky on a monthly basis.  Ed’s lists provide a compilation of abstracts related to the field of gynecologic oncology from multiple scholarly journals. While this list does not include access to all of the journals referenced, IGCS Members may enjoy free access to the International Journal of Gynecological Cancer via the member portal.

To enable In the Know (Ed’s List) on smartphones and tablets, it has been adapted to Facebook.  This adaption should allow further evolution to include podcasts and video.

To access In the Know (Ed’s List) on Facebook either go to or within the Facebook search use the search term “Edward Pavlik”, being sure to choose the dude with glasses, a tie and dark suit.

Introducing GYN ONC Garage - A Look Under the Hood! Each month Dr. Pavlik will select a paper from a scholarly journal and provide a video review. 
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